Provincial and Council


  • Soney Sebastian, Provincial

Provincial Council

  • Fr. Soney Sebastian, Provincial
  • Fr. Alan Jenkins, Vice-Provincial
  • Fr. Jon Kirby, Admonitor
  • Fr. Hieu Trong Nguyen, Councillor
  • Fr. Jose Goopio, Councillor

Provincial Treasurer

  • Fr. Pavol Sochulak

Auto Fund and Insurance & Medical Plan Office

  • Fr. Pons Ramos

USW province center
11316 Cypress ave.
Riverside, CA 9505

Fr. Soney Sebastian
Fr. Soney Sebastian, ProvincialFr. Alan Jenkins
Fr. Alan Jenkins, Vice-ProvincialFr. Jon Kirby
Fr. Jon Kirby, Admonitor

Fr. Hieu Trong Nguyen
Fr. Hieu Trong Nguyen

Fr. Hieu Trong Nguyen
Fr. Jose Goopio

Fr. Pavol Sochulak
Fr. Pavol Sochulak

Fr. Pons Ramos
Fr. Pons Ramos


District Superiors

The northern district

  • Fr. Peter Zhai, District Superior
  • Fr. Briccio Tomaro, Vice-Superior
  • Fr. Joseph Anthony Sebastian, Admonitor

The los angeles district

  • Fr. Frank Tinajero, District Superior
  • Fr. Emilio Reyes, Vice District Superior
  • Fr. Gary Reibe, Admonitor

The san bernardino district

  • Fr. Deebar Yonas, District Superior
  • Fr. Trung Mai, Vice District Superior
  • Fr. Benny Leu, Admonitor

The san diego district

  • Fr. Herman Manuel, District Superior
  • Fr. Reymundus Wea, Vice District Superior
  • Fr. Anthony Yang, Admonitor


  • Fr. Paul Schmidt, Rector
  • Fr. Long Van Nguyen, Vice-Rector
  • Fr. Donald O’Connor, Admonitor